before you follow...
if you're friends w me, i usually would text you everyday, but sometimes i dont. i might make slightly nsfw jokes, but you can tell me if your uncomfortable with them and to what extent. id probably be a bit vary of what i say at first, so dont expect me to get comfortable quickly. ill mostly ask you "how are you?" everyday at first. on my accounts, i usually post things that are on my mind, about my interests, fangirl about ppl, accounts and things i like, etc. you can always ask me to be moots!

dont follow if...
you're a israel supporter or are neutral (know about the situation, and choose to remain no opinion or both sides), not a minor, no similar interests, homophobic, islamaphobic, transphobic or any of the such, enjoy gore, hate taylor swift or any non-problematic individual or group (hate! not dislike), hate my favorite characters, make r@pe jokes, say slurs, proshipper/comshipper, etc.

taylor swift, laufey, mitski, olivia rodrigo, sabrina carpenter, rebzyyx, newjeans, stray kids, 6arelyhuman, conan gray, ive, beabadoobee, more kpop, vocaloid, wave to earth, conan gray, wasia project, lyn lapid, grentperez and more!

my favorite color is pink and im a wonyoungnism girlie <3 i like all sorts of music genres, and im a bookworm too (my fav is if you could see the sun). im currently hyperfixating on project sekai mainly, but i also like other things such as toilet bound hanako-kun, madoka magica, kpop, etc. my favs atm are minori, tsukasa, toya and akito!!

hope you have an amazing day, stay hydrated and thank you! love u to the moon and saturn <33